Laravel Herd






To reduce confusion and make it easier to track updates and fixes accross platforms, the Windows and macOS versions of Herd will now use the same version number. That's why this update is version 1.6.1.

Fixes and Updates

  • We updated the built-in Laravel installer and Composer version
  • herd stop and herd start now properly starts and stops all services
  • Fixed an issue where a username with a space would not properly detect the NVM installation
  • herd debug now loads the regular php.ini as well
  • We now add appropriate aliases to the .bash_profile file to improve using Herd with git bash
  • Fixed an edge-case where the "open last folder" shortcut would not properly work
  • Clicking on mail notifications now properly brings the Mail window to the front
  • We fixed an issue where switching PHP versions would not restart debug PHP processes
  • Debug PHP processes no longer get killed after a certain amount of requests
  • Long site names and folder names now get truncated to avoid horizontal scrolling in the sites list
  • PHP update notifications no longer show up every hour, when postponing the update
  • We fixed an issue when trying to make HTTP requests to a locally secured site (cURL error 60)




New Features

  • PostgreSQL 14, 15 and 16 are now available including PostGIS and pgrouting extensions
  • We added a local "clear dump" shortcut (CTRL+K) when the "Dumps" window is focused
  • You can now use the new herd coverage CLI command to start PHP scripts with code coverage enabled
  • After installing a new PHP version, you can now use the version individually in the terminal (e.g. php80 -v, php81 -v, etc.)

Fixes and Updates

  • We updated the built-in Laravel Installer
  • We updated the built-in Composer version
  • "herd share" now properly passes additional arguments to Expose
  • We fixed an issue where "herd unsecure" would not work properly
  • A very bad internet connection no longer leads to deactivated Herd Pro licenses
  • The Xdebug browser extension detection properly works with trace and profile mode
  • Fixed some Laravel Reverb related environment variables
  • Fixed an error where dumps would not show up in the "Dumps" window when triggered from NGINX
  • Updating PHP no longer overwrites modifications made to the php.ini file
  • It's now possible to "herd link" folders with spaces in their names




  • Fixed an issue where certain commands would not work on the first application start
  • Fixed an issue where Xdebug could not be found for PHP 7.4
  • herd link now prompts for elevated permissions
  • herd restart no longer fails
  • The herd CLI is no longer accessible if the desktop application is not running
  • Increased the Dumps payload size
  • Fixed an issue with opening the terminal in the last opened site
  • The exif extension now automatically gets enabled when downloading a new PHP version
  • Fixed an issue where PHP would stop after serving a certain amount of requests
  • Usernames containing special characters and whitespace are now supported




Initial release