Laravel Herd





New Features

  • PostgreSQL 14, 15 and 16 are now available including PostGIS and pgrouting extensions
  • We added a local "clear dump" shortcut (CTRL+K) when the "Dumps" window is focused
  • You can now use the new herd coverage CLI command to start PHP scripts with code coverage enabled
  • After installing a new PHP version, you can now use the version individually in the terminal (e.g. php80 -v, php81 -v, etc.)

Fixes and Updates

  • We updated the built-in Laravel Installer
  • We updated the built-in Composer version
  • "herd share" now properly passes additional arguments to Expose
  • We fixed an issue where "herd unsecure" would not work properly
  • A very bad internet connection no longer leads to deactivated Herd Pro licenses
  • The Xdebug browser extension detection properly works with trace and profile mode
  • Fixed some Laravel Reverb related environment variables
  • Fixed an error where dumps would not show up in the "Dumps" window when triggered from NGINX
  • Updating PHP no longer overwrites modifications made to the php.ini file
  • It's now possible to "herd link" folders with spaces in their names




  • Fixed an issue where certain commands would not work on the first application start
  • Fixed an issue where Xdebug could not be found for PHP 7.4
  • herd link now prompts for elevated permissions
  • herd restart no longer fails
  • The herd CLI is no longer accessible if the desktop application is not running
  • Increased the Dumps payload size
  • Fixed an issue with opening the terminal in the last opened site
  • The exif extension now automatically gets enabled when downloading a new PHP version
  • Fixed an issue where PHP would stop after serving a certain amount of requests
  • Usernames containing special characters and whitespace are now supported




Initial release