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One click PHP development environment.

Zero dependencies. Zero headaches.

Herd Pro

  • Services
  • PHP 8.3
  • MySQL
  • Redis

8:55 AM

Herd is a blazing fast, native Laravel and PHP development environment for Windows. It includes everything you need to get started with Laravel development, including PHP and nginx. Once you install Herd, you're ready to start developing with Laravel.


The fastest environment around

Herd uses native binaries for PHP, nginx, and other services, making it faster than other PHP development environments.

No containers, VMs, or wonky virtualization methods – just plain binaries as it should be.

Everything you need to get started

Herd includes binaries for Composer, the Laravel installer, and Expose, making them available to your CLI automatically.

This makes it possible to manage your sites via Powershell or use the site wizard of Herd.

Unlock your real productivity

Herd Pro comes with services for databases, caches, queues, storage, and realtime applications, changing the way you work.

You can manage everything you ever need from one beautiful application.

Pro Feature

Blazing fast debugging

Herd Pro gives you a powerful interface to help you watch and collect your debug information.
All of your application's dump() and dd() calls will be beautifully formatted and can be filtered from Herd's separate Dump window.

Just keep using dump() as usual – we will take care of the rest.

08:55:42 – routes/web.php:29

"Laravel Herd"

08:55:42 – routes/web.php:30
0 of 0
App\Models\User {#892 #connection: "sqlite" #table: "users" #primaryKey: "id" #keyType: "int" +incrementing: true #with: [] #withCount: [] +preventsLazyLoading: false #perPage: 15 +exists: true +wasRecentlyCreated: false #escapeWhenCastingToString: false #attributes: array:13 [ "id" => 1 "name" => "Taylor Otwell" "email" => "[email protected]" "email_verified_at" => "2024-05-30 08:55:42" "remember_token" => null "current_team_id" => null "profile_photo_path" => null "created_at" => "2024-05-30 08:55:42" "updated_at" => "2024-05-30 08:57:29" "two_factor_secret" => null "two_factor_recovery_codes" => null "two_factor_confirmed_at" => null ] #fillable: array:3 [ 0 => "name" 1 => "email" 2 => "password" ] #rememberTokenName: "remember_token" }
Pro Feature

Run multiple versions of Node.js

Herd ships with nvm, the Node Version Manager, allowing you to easily manage Node.js versions on your machine.

You can install and switch between versions in seconds via your terminal or the Herd UI.

Node Version Manager

Easily manage multiple versions of PHP

Herd comes with PHP 7.4 - 8.3, and you can switch between these versions in seconds. Herd even lets you pin sites to specific PHP versions.

Herd keeps all of your PHP installations up to date and notifies you about new updates in time.

PHP Settings
Pro Feature

Seamlessly run and manage services

Herd is the control panel for your local environment, making it easy to set up and run complementary services to your Laravel applications.

From databases to storage systems, we got you covered with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Typesense, Meilisearch, MinIO, and even Laravel Reverb.

Herd Services
Pro Feature

Access and search through local log files

No more digging through local log files. Herd's powerful Log Viewer makes it painless to quickly search through your local logs, even allowing you to jump directly to your IDE from a log entry.

Herd instantly refreshes the log list whenever a new entry is added.

PHP Settings
Pro Feature

Painless Xdebug integration

Herd's powerful Xdebug detection automatically enables Xdebug when necessary.

By watching for incoming requests with the Xdebug browser extension, you can be ensured that Xdebug will be available when you need it – and only then.

Xdebug integration
Pro Feature

Catch and debug application mails

Herd comes with its own local email service that makes testing and debugging emails as easy as it can get.

The mail service directs emails into separate inboxes per application so that they are easy to find.

Herd Mail


All features that you need to get up and running with Laravel are free, but if you want to dig deeper and get the best developer experience, upgrade to Herd Pro.

Herd Basic

Start with the free version and get a full Laravel development environment by downloading just one Windows app.
  • PHP
  • nginx
  • DNS
  • Node.js

Herd Pro

Upgrade to the full integrated developer experience with amazing testing and debugging capabilities.
  • Everything from free
  • Dumps
  • Mail
  • Logs
  • Services
  • Debugger detection
  • License for one year

Herd Teams

Get Herd Pro for your whole team and assign licenses to your team members in the license management portal.
  • 10 Herd Pro Licenses
  • License Management Portal
  • Priority Support
Local taxes may apply. Herd Pro includes a 14 days money-back guarantee.


There are currently no plans for a Linux version of Herd, and we believe that Linux users are more comfortable installing and running their development environment in general. We regularly evaluate our decisions and this might change in the future.

Herd ships with the option to install PHP 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3. Herd's automatic updater regularly checks for new versions and allows you to update to the latest version via the Herd UI.

Herd includes the following extensions:
bz2, curl, exif, ffi, fileinfo, gd, gmp, intl, mbstring, mysqli, openssl, pdo, pdo_mysql, pdo_pgsql, pdo_sqlite, pgsql, shmop, soap, sockets, sodium, sqlite3 and zip.

Yes, you can manually compile and install additional PHP extensions by compiling them manually via PECL and Homebrew.

You can activate every Herd Pro license key on two devices at the same time. If you get a new device, you can simply disable old activations in the license management portal and activate them on the new device.

Every Herd Team license key comes with one activation. You can reset license keys and assign them to other team members at any time.

If your team is bigger than 10 developers, they are usually grouped into more than one team. Please buy multiple team licenses, you can manage them all in one account.

No, there isn't. However, the official documentation will get you a long way in understanding all additional features.

All purchases are also covered by a 14-day refund policy.

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