Laravel Herd

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Directories and Files

Herd Directories and Files

You may find the following files and directories helpful while you are troubleshooting issues with Herd.

Herd application

The files of the application are at this location.

C:\Program Files\herd

Main directory

The main directory contains all the following config files and directories and is a good start when troubleshooting issues with Herd. You may delete this folder if you plan to re-install Herd from scratch.



You can find all binaries of Herd in this directory. This includes binaries like composer or expose that ship with Herd and also downloaded binaries like the latest PHP versions.



All config files for all Herd services live in this directory.



The nginx directory contains a herd.conf and the nginx.conf. Herd uses both to decide which sites is serves and what happens to files. In case that you see a Bad Gateway error, there could be an issue in one of these files.



This directory contains all php.ini files for all PHP versions on your machine. If you use Herd Pro, it also contains debug.ini files that Xdebug uses when you enable it for a request.



Herd stores all logs of nginx and php-fpm in this directory. It may also contain mail logs if you use Herd Pro.


Updater files

Downloaded updates go into this directory. If you have trouble installing an update, try deleting these files and download it again or use a fresh copy from the Herd website.