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Securing Sites

Securing Sites with TLS

By default, Herd serves sites over HTTP. However, if you would like to serve a site over encrypted TLS using HTTP/2, you may secure your sites.

Via the GUI

You can secure/unsecure a site in the "Sites" tab of the preferences window. This gives you a list of all your sites and allows you to toggle the secured status of each site.

When a closed lock icon is shown, the site is secured. When an open lock icon is shown, the site is unsecured.

Clicking on the lock icon will toggle the secured status of the site.

Via the CLI

If you prefer to use the CLI, you can use the herd secure command to secure/unsecure a site. For example, if your site is being served by Herd on the laravel.test domain, you should run the following command to secure it:

herd secure example-site

To "unsecure" a site and revert back to serving its traffic over plain HTTP, use the unsecore command. Like the secure command, this command accepts the sitename that you wish to unsecure:

herd unsecure example-site