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Working with emails

Herd Pro provides an SMTP mail server on your local machine that catches all outgoing emails of your application and displays them in an internal email client with additional debugging capabilities.

Herd Pro Mail Server with a mail


When using laravel new or Herd's site creation wizard, the Herd mail server is automatically configured for you.

The mail server uses the SMTP protocol to accept mails but instead of sending them to their recipient, it saves them to an internal database.

You can use the settings below and add them to your local .env file to receive mail in the Herd Pro mail UI.

Herd Pro groups incoming mails by the username of the mail sender. This allows you to create a dedicated inbox for each project you are working on. Either specify a unique username manually, or use the APP_NAME environment variable to automatically use your application's name as the inbox name. Depending on your application name, you might need to set the username for your mailbox manually before emails show up in Herd.

MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS="[email protected]"

Changing the port

By default, the Herd Pro mail server runs on port 2525 but you can customize this configuration in the settings.

Herd Pro Mail Server Settings

Inspecting mails

You may inspect the header values of an email by opening the sidebar of the email window at the top right.

The HTML source of the email or the raw email content are available via right-click on the email itself. They open in a new window, and you can open raw or HTML content of multiple mails at the same time.

Herd Pro Mail Server with a mail