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Restarting Services

Restarting Herd Services

It might happen that Herd displays that a service like CGI-PHP is not running for a specific PHP version. This can happen if Herd is unable to properly shut down all background services when you close the app.

Via the GUI

You may force a restart of all Herd services by stopping all running services and starting them again. Under the hood, this stops all existing instances of a service and might even stop services that you've installed separately.

Via the terminal

To kill all stray services, open Powershell with admin privileges and perform the taskkill command for every service that is still running, naming the services.

Force a shutdown of all Herd services

# Stop main services
taskkill /F /IM php-cgi.exe
taskkill /F /IM nginx.exe
# Stop Pro services
taskkill /F /IM mysqld.exe