Herd for macOS


Sharing Sites

How to share a site

Herd makes it easy to share your local sites with the world, which is great for testing your sites on different devices or sharing them with clients and colleagues. Out of the box, Herd uses Expose to share your sites. You can also use ngrok if you prefer.

Sharing sites via Expose

To share your site using Expose, you first need to create a free Expose account. Once you have obtained your authentication token, you can configure it in the "Expose" tab of the preferences window.

Or you can use the CLI:

$ expose token YOUR_TOKEN_HERE

Once you have configured your authentication token, you can share your sites by running herd share in the site directory that you want to share.

$ cd ~/Herd/example-site
$ herd share

Sharing sites via ngrok

If you prefer to use ngrok, you can learn how to configure ngrok in the Valet documentation.