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Sharing Sites

How to share a site

Herd makes it easy to share your local sites with the world. This is great for testing your sites on different devices, receiving webhooks, or sharing them with clients and colleagues. Herd uses Expose to share your sites.

Sharing sites via Expose

[!NOTE] Expose may not be available in all geographical regions due to regulatory reasons. If Expose isn't available in your country, try ngrok.

To share your site using Expose, you first need to create a free Expose account. Once you have obtained your authentication token, you can configure it in the "Expose" tab of the preferences window.

Or you can use the CLI:

expose token YOUR_TOKEN_HERE

Once you configured your authentication token, you can share your sites by running herd share in the site directory that you want to share.

cd ~/Herd/example-site
herd share
# Share a linked site:
herd share http://your-local-site.test
# You can share a secured site with:
herd share https://your-secure-local-site.test

You can specify a subdomain or server region for best performance and by adding parameters for them to the share command.

herd share https://example-site.test --subdomain=my-project-name --server=us-1

Sharing sites via ngrok

If you want to use ngrok, install it according to their instructions. After that, you can share Herd sites via the terminal:

ngrok http --host-header=rewrite unsecured-site.test
ngrok http --host-header=rewrite secured-site.test:443