Laravel Herd


You are looking at the macOS website for Laravel Herd. We are currently working on the Windows version which will be available in March. Subscribe to the launch newsletter and be the first to know when it's ready.
About Herd

What is Herd?

Herd is a blazing fast, native Laravel and PHP development environment for macOS. It provides everything that you need to get started with Laravel development. It ships with PHP, nginx, dnsmasq and Node.js.

Herd Pro adds additional testing and debugging capabilities that you'll find exceptionally useful when working on web applications every day.

After installing Herd, it routes all requests to *.test domains to the correct sites on your local machine, it's like Laravel Valet but comes without any dependencies. In fact, Herd is built on top of Laravel Valet, so if you've been using that in the past, you can use all the features you already know and love. Unlike Valet, Herd does not require Homebrew to be installed on your system. It ships with its own, pre-compiled binaries which makes it blazing fast to install and use.