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Set up MinIO

MinIO is an open-source, S3 compatible object storage and works perfectly if you want to use the same APIs locally that you use on your production environment. You can set up MinIO as a Herd service and log into its dashboard to create your first storage bucket with the same credentials that you use as environment variables.

Screenshot of minio settings


After setting the name, port, and autostart options and starting up the service, please log into the dashboard and create a bucket to be able to upload files.

AWS_BUCKET=herd-bucket # Your bucket name

You can find additional information about configuring MinIO with Laravel in the Laravel documentation.


You can access the MinIO dashboard via http://locahost:PORT or by using the dashboard button in the services list. Log in with the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY to create your first bucket and use the object storage like in your production environment.

Screenshot of the Meilisearch dashboard