Laravel Herd

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Inspect local log files

Herd Pro has a log viewer that you may find useful if you are working with webhooks or queues locally. It also allows you to inspect your log files in great detail and makes searching in these logs a breeze.

This feature requires PHP 8.0 or later

Herd automatically polls for new logs every few seconds as long as the Logs window is open.

Selecting a Project and Log File

The log window automatically shows the latest log file of the latest project that you served via Herd. This allows you to quickly find the latest log file, but you can also switch between all projects that Herd knows and can serve.

If your project includes more than one log file, for example when using daily log rotation, you can select the log file on the left.

Searching in Log Files

The search bar at the top searches through all logs and allows you to pinpoint all log entries that match your search query. You can hit Cmd+F in the text area that shows the details of the entry and search within this single entry.

Custom log paths

Herd looks for logs in the framework-specific standard directory, such as storage/logs for Laravel. You can change that directory and even add multiple log directories by using a custom driver for that application.