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Xdebug Detection

Automatically use Xdebug

Herd Pro is able to detect Xdebug headers or breakpoints in PHPStorm and route requests to a PHP process with Xdebug automatically. This keeps your site super fast on all normal requests but provides advanced debugging capabilities with Xdebug when needed.

Setup with PHPStorm

Go to the debugging settings of Herd Pro and select the configuration to detect breakpoints within PHPStorm automatically.

When you set or remove a breakpoint in PHPStorm and save the file, this creates a temporary file within your .idea folder of your project and Herd parses these files to detect breakpoints.

Please make sure to listen for PHP Debug Connections in PHPStorm after settings the breakpoint so that Xdebug can connect to PHPStorm properly.

Setup with browser extensions

Herd uses the headers of Xdebug browser extensions that you can install via the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Addons.

Once you enable an Xdebug feature in the browser extension, Herd serves the request via a PHP process with an enabled Xdebug extensions.

Using Xdebug on the command line

You can run CLI commands via herd debug .. instead of using php ... to use the php binary with Xdebug enabled. So if you are debugging an artisan command, you can run herd debug artisan your:command to trigger your breakpoint.