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Installing PostgreSQL via Herd Pro

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source object-relational database system that is known for its reliability and robustness. Laravel Herd Pro extends PostgreSQL by providing a number of popular extensions:

  • PostGIS - adds support for geographic objects to the PostgreSQL database, making it easy to store and query spatial data.
  • pgrouting - adds routing functionality to PostgreSQL, allowing you to calculate the shortest path between two points.
  • pgvector - a vector similarity search extension for PostgreSQL, which allows you to search for (among other things) OpenAI embeddings in your database.

Screenshot of PostgreSQL settings


Herd provides a sensible default configuration for your PostgreSQL instance that works seamlessly for new setups, and you can change the port of the service to run it in parallel to existing installations on your machine.

Enabling the autostart option automatically starts a service instance when you start Herd.

DB_DATABASE=laravel # set this to your project database

Database service migrations

Whether you set up a newer version of PostgreSQL or migrate from existing instances on your machine, the most comfortable way is to use a database client like TablePlus to export and import the database tables.