Laravel Herd

Documentation for macOS



Herd comes with global shortcuts that integrate with your system and make accessing your current project easier than ever.

You can set up these global shortcuts in the settings.

Screenshot of shortcut settings

Herd supports the following shortcuts:

  • Open php artisan tinker or Tinkerwell for the active project
  • Open the path of the active project in your terminal
  • Open the list of sites in Herd
  • Open Dumps
  • Enable/Disable dump interception
  • Clear all dumps
  • Open Mails

Every time you serve a site by opening the site in your browser, this site becomes the active project and Herd remembers this URL.


When a shortcut opens a terminal, Herd uses the terminal that you select in the settings. Herd supports the default Terminal, iTerm and Warp – but Warp does not come with the possibility to run commands after it opens, so it doesn't have the same convenience as the default Terminal or iTerm.