Laravel Herd

Documentation for macOS


Debugging with dump interception

Herd Pro can automatically intercept all dump() calls in your code and display them in a separate window instead of rendering them in the browser or CLI.

Using the Dumps during development

You may open the dumps window via the Herd system tray menu or open it with a globally configurable shortcut that you can define in the shortcut settings.

In order to enable dump interception, click on the antenna icon in the title bar of the window. The icon will flash to indicate that dump interception is enabled. Once enabled, you may use the dump() function as usual. Instead of printing the dump to your browser or terminal, Herd will open a window when a new dump becomes available. By clicking on the "pin" icon, you can pin the window to the foreground so that it stays on top of all other windows.

Empty state of the dump interceptor window

New dumps are automatically added to the top of the window, and you can clear the window by pressing the icon in the title bar of the dump window. All dumps are searchable so that you easily find what you are looking for.

Dump Window