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Included PHP Extensions

Which PHP Extensions are included?

Herd includes the most common PHP extensions that also come pre-installed on any Laravel Forge provisioned server.

If you need additional PHP extensions, you can install them manually.

This means that you can use the following extensions without any additional setup:


The BCMath extension provides arbitrary-precision arithmetic. It allows you to work with large numbers and perform mathematical operations with high precision, which is particularly useful in financial applications.


The BZ2 extension enables data compression using the bzip2 algorithm. This reduces file sizes and improves storage efficiency.


The Calendar extension provides functions to convert between different calendar formats. It supports conversions between Julian, Gregorian, and Jewish calendars, among others.


The Ctype extension provides functions to check for and convert between character types. It is useful for validating and sanitizing text input.


The cURL extension enables HTTP requests using various protocols. It is essential for integrating with third-party APIs and fetching external data.


The DBA extension allows you to interact with flat-file databases, like DBM. It provides a simple way to store and retrieve key-value pairs.


The DOM extension provides a complete API for working with XML documents via the Document Object Model. It simplifies XML parsing and manipulation.


The Exif extension reads Exchangeable Image File (Exif) metadata from images. It allows you to access camera information, orientation, GPS data, and more.


The Foreign Function Interface (FFI) extension allows PHP to call functions written in other languages (like C) directly, providing the ability to use libraries written in those languages.


The Fileinfo extension detects file types based on file signatures. It is useful for security checks and content-type validation.


The Filter extension provides a simple way to sanitize and validate data, particularly user input, ensuring data integrity and security.


The FTP extension provides functions for accessing files on FTP servers. It simplifies the process of transferring files over FTP.


The GD extension offers functions for creating and manipulating images. It supports several image formats and provides capabilities like resizing, cropping, and drawing shapes.


The GMP extension provides functions for arbitrary-precision arithmetic using the GNU Multiple Precision (GMP) library. It is ideal for cryptographic applications.


The Iconv extension provides functions for converting between different character encodings. It ensures text compatibility across various languages and encoding formats.


The Igbinary extension provides an alternative binary serialization format. It reduces storage space and speeds up data deserialization.


The Imagick extension provides an interface to the ImageMagick library, enabling advanced image processing capabilities, such as resizing, blurring, and color correction.


The IMAP extension provides functions to interact with email servers using IMAP, POP3, and NNTP protocols. It is useful for reading, composing, and sending emails.


The Intl extension provides internationalization functions, including formatting numbers, dates, and currencies according to locale, and handling text in different languages.


The LDAP extension allows PHP to interact with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directories. It is useful for managing centralized user directories and authenticating users.


The LZ4 extension provides fast compression and decompression using the LZ4 algorithm. It is suitable for applications requiring high-speed data compression.


The Multibyte String (Mbstring) extension provides functions to handle multibyte encodings, making it essential for processing non-ASCII text.


The MySQLi extension provides an improved interface to MySQL databases. It supports prepared statements, transactions, and multiple query results.


The Opcache extension improves PHP performance by caching precompiled script bytecode, reducing the need for PHP to recompile scripts on each request.


The OpenSSL extension enables secure data transmission using SSL and TLS protocols. It provides functions for encryption, decryption, and digital certificates.


The PCNTL extension enables process control functions, allowing you to manage parallel processing and signal handling in PHP.


The PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension provides a unified interface for database access. It supports prepared statements and various database drivers.


The PDO_MySQL extension provides a PDO driver for MySQL databases, enabling secure and efficient access to MySQL using prepared statements.


The PDO_PgSQL extension provides a PDO driver for PostgreSQL databases, allowing secure and efficient access to PostgreSQL using prepared statements.


The PDO_SQLite extension provides a PDO driver for SQLite databases, facilitating lightweight and embedded database access with minimal configuration.


The PgSQL extension provides native PostgreSQL database functions, offering comprehensive access to PostgreSQL features.


The Phar extension enables packaging PHP applications into a single file archive (PHAR). It simplifies application distribution and deployment.


The POSIX extension provides functions for POSIX-like system calls, useful for handling process management and file permissions.


The Readline extension provides interactive command-line editing capabilities. It enhances the CLI experience by supporting history and line editing.


The Redis extension allows PHP to interact with the Redis in-memory data structure store. It is essential for caching, message brokering, and real-time data processing.


The Session extension manages session data between requests. It simplifies storing and retrieving user-specific data securely.


The SHMOP extension allows PHP to read and write shared memory segments. It is useful for IPC (Inter-Process Communication).


The SimpleXML extension provides a simple interface for parsing and manipulating XML documents. It makes working with XML data intuitive and efficient.


The SOAP extension provides functions for building and consuming SOAP-based web services. It simplifies integrating with legacy systems that use SOAP.


The Sockets extension provides functions for low-level socket communication, enabling PHP to create network clients and servers.


The Sodium extension provides modern cryptography functions. It is useful for encryption, decryption, password hashing, and digital signatures.


The SQLite3 extension provides native functions for interacting with SQLite databases, offering efficient and lightweight database access.


The SysVMsg extension allows PHP to send and receive System V IPC messages. It is useful for messaging between multiple processes.


The SysVSem extension provides functions for managing System V semaphores, which are useful for synchronizing multiple processes.


The SysVShm extension allows PHP to read and write System V shared memory segments. It is useful for sharing data between multiple processes.


The Tokenizer extension provides functions to parse PHP code into tokens, making it useful for syntax highlighting and static analysis.


The XML extension provides a basic set of tools for working with XML data, allowing for parsing and validation.


The XMLReader extension provides a fast, non-caching XML parser, suitable for processing large XML files efficiently.


The XMLWriter extension offers functions for creating XML documents via a writer API, providing efficient XML generation.


The XSL extension allows you to transform XML documents using XSLT stylesheets. It enables flexible data transformation between XML formats.


The Zip extension provides functions for creating, modifying, and extracting files from ZIP archives, simplifying archive management.


The Zlib extension provides functions for data compression and decompression using the zlib library. It is useful for reducing storage space and network bandwidth.